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OceaNori Industries is a social enterprise providing wastewater technology interventions for supporting marine-related economic development activities. We empower local communities to care and leverage their natural environment for their sustainable sustenance and improved quality of life.

UNEP reported 27% of world’s population do not have connected sanitation.

While there are many wastewater treatment technologies for landed residents, there is lacking sustainable treatment options for residences in water villages.

In East Malaysia, there are 21,000 units of homes on water villages along its 2,607 km coastal line. Many could be found along remote coastal regions and islands in large water bodies. They are not easy to access and exposed to dual tiding occurrences daily.

Their geophysical context makes it difficult to implement and expensive to maintain a centralised sanitation system.

The geographical conditions attract indigenous communities because these are places where they could live and depend on the natural environment for their sustenance.

Relocation of water residents may affect their cultural traditions and livelihood.


CIOB Innovation Achiever's Award: Highly Commended Winner 2016

iSTP inventors

The CIOB International Innovation & Research (I&R) Awards celebrate achievement across the built environment, from academic research to industry innovation. The competition received over 160 entries from 18 different countries.

First Place at GIST APEC Startup Training 2018 in Australia


In recognition that science and innovation can enable sustainable, inclusive economic growth across the Asia-Pacific region, the U.S. State Department Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Initiative in collaboration with the Australian Government and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019

GES 2019 received over 5,500 applicant entries from more than 140 countries. OceaNori with other 1,200 applicants was selected to receive sponsor invitation for GES 2019.

where are we?

Where we Are

OceaNori Industries Enterprise
Innohub, Putra Science Park,
Putra Science Park
Universiti Putra Malaysia,
43400 UPM Serdang, Selangor.


oceaNori Solution

The i-STP tanks will stop wastewater pollution directly under the toilets of timber homes. The cleaner water improves marine-based economic activities. Increased productivities increase farmers’ income. Profits from revenue will fund more purchase of tanks for other villages.

i-STP technology has filed for patent in Malaysia (PI2016700564) and PCT/MY2017/050003 for Indonesia and China.



Seaweed Farming

use of i-STP technology would stop wastewater pollution and promote seaweed productivity. The increased productivity would increase the community income and support the payment for the purchase and maintenance of the wastewater sanitation system.


use of i-STP would stop wastewater pollution into pristine tourism environment and encourages preservation of environmentally sensitive areas. Tourism industry will grow with cleaner and healthier tourist experience.

Aquaculture Farming

use of i-STP would stop wastewater pollution from polluting the farming cages and deter water borne diseases from infecting seafood in breeding or sources in their natural environment.



In many remote coastal areas and islands, unconnected sanitation homes would discharge 1,125 Litre of raw sewage each daily. For decades, unhygienic sanitation practice is causing trillions of untreated wastewater being discharged directly into the water bodies each year. Instead, 1,125 Litre of clean water will be discharged right back into the water bodies. The i-STP technology intervention will improve the surrounding’s water quality over prolonged exposure. Most importantly, we reduce the risks of spreading dangerous water borne pathogens to reach human beings.

i-STP Independent Sewerage Treatment Plant

Relative size of i-STP v2 at 350 Litre working volume installed on a timber column.

  • Modular and detachable
  • Unique wrap-around-column feature
  • Small 350L compared to SPAN 2000L STP
  • HRT 7 hours, SPAN Standard A treated discharge
  • Easy to transport and install by boats or 4WD vehicles
  • Can be suspended below timber toilets